Funeral Pre-arrangements

Pre-arrangements that give you peace of mind and savings for your funeral

To meet all needs and budgets, Magnus Poirier offers three funeral pre-arrangement packages. By clicking on the one you’d like, you can conclude your contract online in a few minutes. Here are the three packages and what each one includes:

Funeral in the presence of the urn


  • Recovery of the deceased person
  • Cremation container
  • Transfer to the crematorium and cremation
  • Choice of urns *
  • Commemoration
  • Funeral direction
  • Legal formalities of death

Last moment


  • Recovery of the deceased person
  • Asepsis (thanatological care)
  • Last viewing of the deceased
  • Tribute at the funeral home
  • Cremation container
  • Transportation to the crematorium
  • Choice of urns *
  • Legal formalities of death

Traditional memorial


  • Recovery of the deceased person
  • Comprehensive thanatopraxy services
  • Choice of coffins *
  • Reception and display in one of our parlours
  • Funeral car
  • Pallbearers
  • Funeral direction
  • Legal formalities of death
Choose an urn or coffin from our large selection (in addition to the package price). One of our advisors will be happy to help you if necessary. Also available in addition: newspaper notices, flowers, video recording, photo montage, framed photos, bookmarks, labels, paper lanterns, etc.

Note: Prices plus applicable taxes, possibility to pay online securely by PayPal or to use payment facilities.
Pre-arrangements are a contract between you and the funeral home to which you entrust and pay in advance the organization of your funeral. You can plan every aspect of your funeral to your taste: what the ceremony will be like, how the body or ashes will be disposed of, the coffin or urn you select, the sepulture, etc., and the funeral home will have to respect all your requests.

Pre-arranged funerals generate substantial savings since the payment at the time of the agreement is final and therefore protected from the increase in the cost of living. In addition, they spare your loved ones from having to make decisions about your funeral or having to pay for it at a time when they will be affected by your death. Take a look at all the benefits.

Where does your money go? The law states that when the contract is signed, the funeral home must place the amount of your payment in a trust account where it will remain until your death.

You can cancel your contract and get your money back. Magnus Poirier will reimburse 100% of your payment, and you will also receive the interest accumulated in the trust account, according to the Consumer Price Index. See Quebec’s Act respecting arrangements for funeral services and sepultures.

In order to always serve you better and respect your wishes or those of your loved one, before any funeral pre-arrangement and arrangement, Magnus Poirier and your funeral director make sure that the beneficiary does not already have a funeral contract, as stipulated by the Registre des contrats d’arrangements funéraires préalables (link only available in French).
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