What are the benefits of funeral planning?

1 Benefits

Funeral pre-arrangements ensure that your decisions about your funeral, your last wishes and your succession plan are fully respected, greatly facilitating your succession process. With Magnus Poirier, you can provide for everything, including an irrevocability clause to prevent anyone from modifying or cancelling your pre-arrangements after your death.

2 Benefits

Regardless of your age, personal situation, origins, beliefs and customs, we offer you flexible and secure funeral planning that meets your needs.

3 Benefits

Your loved ones will be relieved of the burden of making these decisions and arranging your funeral. Magnus Poirier will know exactly what to do and will take care of everything.

4 Benefits

Since you will be the one to pay for your funeral, your loved ones will be freed from that responsibility as well. Through this site, you can make your secure online payment by Moneris or by debit or credit card, and payment facilities are available.

5 Benefits

In addition, this cost will be protected from inflation, as we will honour your contract at the price set at the time of signing. This can result in very significant savings. For example, assuming funeral pre-arrangements of $5,000 in 2020 and the death of the signatory 20 years later, the value of the contract would then be around $15,000. The latter price is what the funeral would cost had there been no pre-arrangements.

6 Benefits

Your funeral will benefit from the progress made by the funeral industry and by Magnus Poirier since the signing of your contract. You could thus benefit from advances in the fields of funerals, burial, mausoleums, funeral facilities, audio-visual presentation during the ceremony, etc., without needing to pay extra. You have the option to cancel your contract and get your money back. In that case, Magnus Poirier will reimburse 100% of your payment, and you will also receive the interest accumulated in the trust account, according to the Consumer Price Index.

7 Benefits

You can take as much time as you need to think about your options, compare them, discuss them with your loved ones, etc.

8 Benefits

You don’t need to come and meet with one of our advisors-unless you want to, of course.

9 Benefits

Get clear answers to your questions with our virtual assistant. And since it’s virtual, its discretion is unquestionable. It’ll never ask you embarrassing questions!

10 Benefits

You can complete your pre-arrangements quickly and easily with just a few clicks.