Funeral Arrangements

Easy and quick funeral arrangements

To meet all needs and budgets, Magnus Poirier offers 3 funeral arrangement packages. Click on the one you’d like, and you can conclude your contract online in a few minutes. Here are the 3 packages and what each includes:

In all simplicity

  • Recovery of the deceased person
  • Cremation container
  • Transfer to the crematorium and cremation
  • Choice of urns *
  • Handling of ashes and urn

Last moment

  • Recovery of the deceased person
  • Asepsis (thanatological care)
  • Last viewing of the deceased
  • Tribute at the funeral home
  • Cremation container
  • Transfer to the crematorium and cremation
  • Choice of urns *
  • Handling of ashes and urn

Traditional memorial

  • Recovery of the deceased person
  • Comprehensive thanatopraxy services
  • Choice of coffins *
  • Reception and display in one of our parlours
  • Funeral car
  • Pallbearers
  • Funeral direction
Choose an urn or coffin from our large selection (in addition to the package price). One of our advisors will be happy to help you if necessary. Also available in addition: newspaper notices, flowers, video recording, photo montage, framed photos, bookmarks, labels, paper lanterns, etc.
Please accept our deepest condolences. When a death occurs, several decisions must be made regarding the funeral of the deceased. This is often difficult for loved ones trying to deal with their grief. For this reason, Magnus Poirier will support you with listening, warmth and respect, drawing on nearly 100 years of experience. If you are responsible for funeral arrangements, please see the online options below.

If the deceased had made funeral arrangements with us or left a will, we will act on these documents. Furthermore, in the event of pre-arrangements with Magnus Poirier, we will immediately contact the person(s) designated in the contract.

Provide the following documents or information on the deceased person:
  • First and last names at birth, other name
  • Sex
  • Date and place of death
  • Date and place of birth
  • Place of recovery
  • Is the beneficiary part of a com-munity or ethnic group? If so, which one?
Of course, your Magnus Poirier advisor can help you make the best decisions on all these points.

In order to always serve you better and respect your wishes or those of your loved one, before any funeral pre-arrangement and arrangement, Magnus Poirier and your funeral director make sure that the beneficiary does not already have a funeral contract, as stipulated by the Registre des contrats d’arrangements funéraires préalables (link only available in French).
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