About Us

Established in 1923, Magnus Poirier is a family funeral home that serves the province of Quebec through its funeral homes and partners. We are also able to repatriate the bodies of deceased persons from abroad or arrange for them to be moved from Canada to another country.

Offering all traditional and contemporary funeral products and services, Magnus Poirier welcomes and organizes funerals in a dozen languages, either secular or according to the rites of most religions practised in Quebec. With us, funerals can be highly personalized at an affordable cost to become precious moments of tribute, gathering and peace.

About Us

Renowned for their professionalism and sensitivity, Magnus Poirier employees embody our century-old values of listening, warmth and respect every day. They are members of an internal cooperative of worker-shareholders and own 25% of the company.

The business takes pride in its longevity, and its staff includes a dozen descendants of the founder, Magnus Poirier, making us a family that’s been serving Quebec families for five generations. Our vast and specialized expertise is regularly solicited by government or health authorities.

A pioneer in pre-arrangements in Quebec, Magnus Poirier is also very experienced in this field, with thousands of contracts signed. In addition, we reimburse all fees to customers who cancel their contract, including interest accrued according to the Consumer Price Index. Your other advantages.

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